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Are You Ready

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

As we know, restrictions for stay in place from the Covid-19 are starting to be lifted. I just received an email from our HOA manager that our little cafe at our golf course was opening today for carry out only. Great News! Hopefully our golf courses, rental homes, National Forests and Churches will soon follow. This brings up a thought provoking situation. Are our offices, restaurants, rentals and stores prepared for our return. I got a phone call a few days ago from a friend that manages several bank branch locations. He informed me that he had to close one of his locations because one of the staff became ill while at work. Not knowing if it was Covid-19 related he had no choice. He immediately called a company that specializes in Covid-19 disinfecting to sanitize the bank. He was able to reopen the next morning. This service is available here in the High Country of North Carolina. If you need or would like to discuss this further, give us a call. AVERY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES has joined with other specialists across North Carolina to offer certified Coronavirus sanitization services. We can be reached @ 828-742-6262.

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