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Cleaning Indoor Air Naturally

Ever wonder why the outdoors feels so vibrant and fresh? This is due to nature filtering the air with natural sources like trees, plants, and leaves. Since we cannot live outside without some sort of protection, it is possible to bring natural air cleaners into our buildings.

Some plants are better at filtering chemicals and impurities from indoor air. Benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene are notorious chemicals that are found in glues, paints, plastics, and detergents. Unfortunately, many of the products on the market today have a certain degree of these chemicals, and we are exposed to them every day.

The largest source of benzene is cigarette smoke. Too much benzene can cause carbon monoxide in unhealthy quantities. Here are a few types of plant air filters to consider bringing inside your home to purify and increase oxygen levels.

Chinese Evergreen

For a variety of colors, the Chinese evergreen ranges from green to silver and is simple to care for. Because it thrives in indirect light, placement is accepted in many rooms. Keep the average temperature around 70 degrees F and keep the soil well-drained and moderately dry.

Golden Pothos

Often called Devil's ivy, you can't go wrong with this thriving indoor plant. Almost impossible to kill, it loves to wrap its stems around whatever is near and show off bright waxy green leaves. It can grow without sunshine and is very low maintenance. Even the worst gardener will have good luck with the pothos.

Rubber Plant

If you have a large space, a rubber plant can do its job with ease. When left in the wild of Sri Lanka or Hawaii, they can reach heights of 200 feet. As a house tree, 6 or 7 feet is not unusual to see. Strong, resilient, and beautiful, they are capable of cleaning as much space as you like. Give it plenty of sunshine and water once a week in well-draining soil.

Spider Plant

Magnificent with its sprawling two-toned leaves, the spider plant loves the toxins in the air in addition to making a natural statement. Popular as hanging plants, babies flow down and make an interesting sight. Direct sunlight is too strong for this plant, but a shadowed sun is perfect. Loamy soil is best for raising spider plants.

Indoor plant air filters in the form of natural plants can aid in reducing the impurities that unhealthy sources produce. If you are a smoker or if your home is airtight, consider bringing in the best cleaners on earth.

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